A simple geometric glass window

Pricing Stained Glass, Leaded Glass and Art Glass Windows depends on a set of different variables. Are the window designs Traditional Style, Geometric Style, Contemporary Style, Flower Design, etc. The amount of pieces of glass per square foot dictate how much work is needed for every aspect of the project. Stained Glass Windows with smaller pisces demand more work for every aspect of building and repairing Art Glass Windows.

Stained Glass Window Price Considerations

Installing stained glass is a specialty project that is consider a luxury item when building a new home or adding to any construction project and it can be quite pricey. If you are having a hand-crafted window built by an artisan it will cost more than if you purchase a premade stained glass from a store or from over the internet. While these factory-made units cost less, selection is limited what is available. You are also limited to available sizes and types and colors of glass used in designs. Factors that affect the cost of stained glass windows. Designs that encompass numerous shapes, curves versus straight and rectangular shares will require more time and work. Colors and the type of glass used is also a factor for cost. The color, as well as the quality, of the glass affects price. Red, pink, and yellow, are more expensive colors; use them sparingly will cut costs. Handblown or antique glass will increase the cost of a glass window project. Substituting lower-cost standard glass can make the difference between a project being affordable or not. Painted Glass and requires more labor to create and therefore cost significantly more than simpler designs and using stock glass.

Custom designed windows from scratch will raise the costs. It’s generally cheaper to approach an artist or design studio after you’ve got an image picked out—whether it’s based an existing stained glass window, a photograph, or a popular image (such as a painting). Remember time and labor cost more money.

Other materials, including copper foil lead and solder, are used to make stained glass. Larger, more complex windows require more of these materials. It also matters if the window is constructed using traditional lead or copper foil technique. Be leary if the artist does not build windows using traditional lead technique. Both methods have pros and cons and should be considered.

Stained glass window installation costs extra; how much extra depends on window size and whether the stained glass can fit over the existing window. Resizing a window or installing a frame that accommodate the stained glass will be considerably more expensive than fitting stained glass over an existing

Advanced traditional double-hung window

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